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Custodial parents' responsibilities when a co-parent returns

Sometimes, following divorce, one parent may be largely absent from their children's lives. Often this is because they're living far from the kids and the custodial parent. Maybe they're even overseas while serving in the military. Unfortunately, some parents have little or no contact with their kids because they're incarcerated or in an in-patient recovery or mental health facility.

Some types of parental conflict are more harmful than others

If you and your spouse are divorcing, your children have likely already witnessed some parental conflict in your home. Now that you're co-parenting across two homes, you're probably more cognizant of the impact of parental conflict on your kids. You've heard about the negative impacts on kids' lives, well into adulthood.

Structured communication is essential for parallel parenting

If you and your former spouse are recently divorced and still have a highly combative relationship that's making successfully co-parenting your children impossible, your attorney, therapist or others may have suggested the option of "parallel parenting." While that's generally not the ideal co-parenting arrangement over the long run, it can help parents put some space between each other until anger and other emotions subside. Perhaps most importantly, it can save kids the stress of seeing their parents continuing to fight.

Parents shouldn't neglect themselves during divorce

If you're going through a divorce, you've probably heard a lot of talk about "moving on" from your marriage. However, the end of a marriage is not completely unlike the death of a loved one. Something you held dear is gone. Even if it's ultimately for the best, it's natural to feel grief -- and even go through the stages of grief (starting with denial and ending with acceptance).

Co-parenting: What not to do

Let's be honest: Co-parenting can be hard. You and your ex still have to raise your kids. You both have a right to see them. You have to work together to do this. You can end your marriage, but you can never stop being parents.

Tips for successful supervised visitations

If your visitations with your children are required to be supervised, you likely feel a good deal of pressure to make them go well so that you can eventually be granted unsupervised visitation rights and eventually even shared custody. You may be allowed to have the visits in your home with another adult (a family member or perhaps a social worker or therapist) present. You may have to go to a designated facility where other parents and children are spending time together.

Setting boundaries around your personal life with your co-parent

If you and your spouse continue to have a high-conflict relationship even after you're no longer living together and after the divorce has been finalized, working together as co-parents can be challenging. However, it's essential to find a way to do that if you're sharing custody of your children.

Anna Faris, Chris Pratt: Praised for child custody arrangement

Celebrity couples get divorced just like any other couple in Maryland and elsewhere around the country. Every couple going through a split faces similar issues, including property division, spousal or child support, and child custody. The biggest difference is that celebrities often have every detail of their breakup documented in the media. While most news sources are quick to provide sordid accounts of the messiest marital conflicts, one recent article praised the way one famous couple has continued to co-parent, following their divorce.

Some states considering shared parenting laws for child custody

Couples in Maryland or elsewhere who have gone through a divorce may understand that the Christmas season can be particularly rough when there are children involved. It can be difficult to arrange the celebrations of multiple families while taking the specified visitation schedules of the parents into account. Regardless of the time of year, child custody is of utmost concern to many parents, and reports indicate support is gaining for a newer type of arrangement.

Child custody issues: Shared parenting continuing to gain support

Shared parenting has been a hot topic among divorcing couples with children in Maryland, elsewhere in the country and even around the world. Child custody issues in a divorce are typically among the more hotly debated, since many emotions are involved concerning one's children. Now, many states are recommending that courts start the child custody discussions with the assumption that the children's time will be equally split between the two parents.

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