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What are the penalties for violating a Maryland protective order?

Protection and restraining orders are virtually the same. Each of these is a court-ordered document that prohibits an individual from coming within a set distance of another person. That protected party can be a vulnerable adult, household member or child. This type of court order can be put in place in any number of situations including stalking and domestic violence cases. Anyone who violates a protective order in Maryland is subject to being arrested and charged with a crime for doing so.

How can I leave a toxic relationship?

Toxic relationships are extremely complex situations. In most cases, the person being emotionally abused is aware of the ways that they are negatively affected by the other person. However, they are often so consumed by the relationship that they are unable to see the situation clearly.

Reasons to get a protective order

No one should feel forced to stay in a relationship. All people have the freedom to make their own decisions about their life. If you have found yourself in a situation where you often feel scared of what your partner will do or how they will react, you may be a victim of domestic violence.

The different restraining order provisions

Those who have been a victim of domestic violence or harassment will want to protect themselves from future abuse. This can be done by filing for a Protective Order or a Peace Order. If a Peace Order is granted, then protection can be for up to six months.  If a Protective Ordered is granted, then protection can be for up to one year.  If the abuse continues, then these Orders can be extended for good cause.

Are there advantages to seeking a protective order?

A protective order is a type of civil order. It is put into place to tell someone who has abused another person or threatened to do so to stay away from the victim or any member of the victim's household. The protective order prohibits the alleged abuser from contacting the victim or anyone in the victim's household and prevents them from destroying any property belonging to the victim. Additionally, the accused may not enter the victim's home.

When is it appropriate to get a restraining order?

When family conflicts get out of hand, you may find that you want to stay away from your ex-partner for a certain amount of time. If you have communicated this to them but they have continued to call you, visit your home or even threaten you, you should consider taking action to protect yourself.

Get a protective order if you're concerned for your safety

Protective orders can be exactly what you need to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. When you're in danger due to your former or current spouse's actions, threats or the threat of harm to others, you have the right to reach out to the police and your attorney for help.

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