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Effective August 1, 2022, the Law Office of Marla Zide has merged with the Law Office of Kelley Spigel. Click here to learn more about ZSTS!


Effective August 1, 2022, the Law Office of Marla Zide has merged with the Law Office of Kelley Spigel. Click here to learn more about ZSTS!
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Maintaining Your Financial Security After The End Of A Marriage

When your marriage ends, you may have significant concerns over financially supporting yourself. You want your fair share coming out of a divorce and may be worried about your ability to sufficiently maintain your lifestyle.

Whether you are seeking to receive or avoid spousal support, such matters can quickly become bitter in a divorce proceeding. At the Law Office of Marla Zide, LLC, we assist both potential payers and payees of alimony to protect their interests. Our goal is for you to emerge from the divorce in a financially secure position.

Factors Considered In Determining Spousal Support

Unlike child support, spousal maintenance in Maryland is not determined by state guidelines. Rather, it hinges on specific factors within your own unique situation, including:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Potential of each spouse to generate income
  • A realistic time frame for one spouse to become self-sufficient or receive training to become employed
  • The standard of living established in the marriage
  • The physical and mental health of both spouses
  • The contributions of both spouses to the marriage

Both monetary and nonmonetary contributions of each spouse will be considered, including if one spouse spent years or decades as the homemaker or primary caretaker of children. We can assist in determining any crucial factors in your situation that the court will consider.

Finding An Efficient, Workable Resolution

Maryland courts typically award spousal support on a temporary, rehabilitative or indefinite basis. Granted for shorter periods, temporary alimony lasts only throughout the divorce proceeding while rehabilitative alimony enables the receiving spouse to get back on their feet. Awarded most often in long-term marriages, indefinite spousal support has no specified end date.

We will assist in arriving at an efficient resolution that protects your interests. If you wish to receive alimony, we will work for you to receive what you are due to sufficiently support yourself moving forward. If you wish to avoid paying alimony, we will protect your interests to assure you are only paying what is fair and for a reasonable period.

Consult With An Attorney

When your financial security is potentially at stake, an experienced family law lawyer can bring clarity to a bitter issue. Schedule an initial consultation at our Glen Burnie office. Call us at 443-557-4153 or send us an email.