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Prenuptial agreements becoming more popular

Statistics on marriage and divorce have changed over the past few decades for couples in Maryland and elsewhere in the country. For example, individuals are waiting longer now to get married than in the past. Also, the overall divorce rate is leveling off, while some demographic groups are even seeing a decline. These changing views on matrimony have also led to a different perspective on prenuptial agreements for many.

Pet custody issues now addressed in many prenuptial agreements

For most Maryland residents and others around the country, pets are often viewed as family members. These relationships with pets can become quite complicated when a couple decides to get divorced. Pet custody issues are now addressed in many prenuptial agreements. Also, several states have changed or proposed legislation that will change the way pets are viewed in divorce deliberations.

Gray prenuptial agreements on the rise as more older couples wed

Statistics from a leading research company have shown that older Maryland couples and others around the nation are divorcing at a rapid rate. While the divorce rate for all couples is actually decreasing, it has doubled for couples over age 50 and even tripled for those over age 65. The term "gray divorce" has been coined to acknowledge this trend. With gray divorces increasing, there has also been an uptick in the number of gray prenuptial agreements being sought.

Couples cite various reasons for seeking prenuptial agreements

Prior to getting married, most Maryland couples and others around the country have countless issues to discuss. Not only do they have to decide every detail of their wedding ceremonies, they also often ponder what their lives will be after they tie the knot. More and more couples are also adding prenuptial agreements into the mix of topics prior to the wedding date. Over half the matrimonial lawyers in a recent survey stated that they had witnessed an increase in couples requesting prenups.

Prenuptial agreements may strengthen couples' relationships

When couples in Maryland or elsewhere around the country plan to get married, many of their major decisions are centered on the wedding itself. For example, they must discuss the venue, what the wedding party will wear or even what food will be served. While introducing the topic of prenuptial agreements may not be the most likely subject while wedding planning, some experts contend that having a prenup may actually strengthen a couple's psychological bond.

More Maryland millennials signing prenuptial agreements

In the 21st century not all things last forever and that can include marriage. Gone are the days when couples stay together no matter what. Younger Maryland couples -- or millennials -- realize this and are waiting longer to get married. They're also marrying smarter, and that includes marrying with prenuptial agreements in place. 

Prenuptial agreements are on the rise

When a Maryland couple decides to get a divorce, they may assume that there will be some heated or contentious discussions in their future. Although the couple may agree that it is time to move on, they are not looking forward to some potential arguments over how their property will be divided or how custody for the children may be handled. However, for those couples with prenuptial agreements, the potential for these heated conversations is mostly out of the picture.

Validity of prenuptial agreements and other marital contracts

When Maryland couples or others around the country get divorced, emotions can often run high. Issues such as child custody or division of property can become contentious. In many situations, having prenuptial agreements or similar agreements in place can greatly reduce the amount of tension between the parting spouses. However, if one party questions the validity of a marital agreement during the divorce proceedings, the tension is likely to flare again.

Prenuptial agreements may be the new normal

The notion of staying married forever and sharing everything until death should be the focus when marrying, but it is not always the outcome for some. While many enter marriages with forever in mind, statistics show that almost half of the marriages will end in divorce in the United States. For many young couples in Maryland and other states, prenuptial agreements  may be the first legal document they sign before entertaining the idea of holy matrimony.

Prenuptial agreements are becoming the new normal

For those who are planning to marry, an important aspect to consider before the upcoming nuptials is to have an open and honest conversation about money. While not as glamorous as planning a honeymoon retreat, it is imperative to discuss finances, existing debt and the prospect of a prenuptial agreement. More couples in Maryland and other states are entering into prenuptial agreements while planning for their future together.

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