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Sometimes, couples just grow apart

People sometimes buy into the myth that divorce is always dramatic, that it always comes with an eye-opening story. They talk about things like infidelity and domestic violence. They talk about addiction issues or the impact of unemployment.

Does cheating mean the end of a marriage?

No relationship is perfect. All couples go through difficult periods, where either they fail to connect on an emotional level, or they have lost touch physically. External events such as the loss of a job or financial stresses can also lead to challenges in a relationship which may lead to one spouse to seek refuge and connection elsewhere.

Only one person needs to want a divorce

To get married, two people have to work together and agree that they want to enter into that union. This is more than just a romantic gesture. Marriage is a legally binding contract between two individuals who previously owed nothing to one another. It must be very clear that they are both signing off on this contract.

How you use money can lead to divorce

Have you ever heard someone say that money causes divorce? What they probably mean is that a couple who has financial trouble is more likely to split up. That financial trouble causes stress, stress erodes the relationship, and it eventually ends.

Tips for divorcing a narcissist

Narcissists can often be difficult to identify because of their ability to hide their true character. Since narcissists are often portrayed glamorously in movies, many people have a distorted idea of the traits of a narcissist. Those who have narcissistic traits are believed to make up .5-1% of the population.

What are some of the common reasons for divorce?

Divorce tends to be something that most of us want to avoid if possible. When couples enter marriage, they do so with the intention of spending the rest of their lives together. But unfortunately, things can happen along the way that test their relationship and make married couples want to part.

A guide to divorce laws in Maryland

Every state is different when it comes to the laws that are in place regarding divorce. It is, therefore, paramount that you fully understand the laws you are subject to in the state that you are getting divorced in. This can help you to plan ahead and see potential challenges before they arise.

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