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What will happen if I don't pay my child support?

Life changes are inevitable. An unexpected job loss, medical emergency or other financial hit could severely impact your financial stability, making it difficult to not only keep up with your bills, but also your court-ordered support payments. However, you should not stop paying child support even if you are having financial troubles. 

Over 3 dozen arrested for deliquent child support payments

When Maryland couples and others around the country get divorced, there are many decisions reached that impact them financially. If a couple has children, a major component in the divorce decree could be child support. One party may be required to provide this monetary support for a designated period of time for any minor children. Unfortunately, it is fairly common to hear that an ex-spouse has failed to make the support payments. One county in another state recently arrested over three dozen people for being delinquent in making their child support payments.

Which expenses can child support payments cover?

Most divorced parents in Maryland wants what is best for their children. It is therefore only natural for a noncustodial parent to be concerned about how the child support he or she pays every month is spent. Is it used as intended to support the various aspects of the child's life, or does the custodial parent spend it on him or herself? Although there is no law to dictate precisely how child support money should be spent, there are basic guidelines to ensure it is used in the best interest of the child.

Issue of child support in Pitt/Jolie divorce

When couples in Maryland or others around the country go through the divorce process, tensions may often run high. When the couples have children, discussions around custody or child support can become rather contentious. However, for most couples, every statement or decision they make in a divorce is not plastered all over the tabloids. Unfortunately, this is the situation for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as they continue to navigate through a messy split.

Amnesty for those who owe back child support

Those who have outstanding warrants and have had their driver's licenses suspended may be offered amnesty soon. Residents of Maryland and other states have been offered similar programs for those who owe back child support. By working together with the Office of Child Support Enforcement, parents who agree to terms and resume payments can have holds on their license released.

Britney Spears signs new deal and ex asks for more child support

One celebrity family feud seems to go on forever over the financial support of their two children. Pop star Britney Spears has made a multi-million-dollar comeback, and her ex-husband feels he is entitled to a piece of the pie. In Maryland and other states, negotiations for more child support become intense between celebrities when one ex signs a new deal for big money.

Child support in Maryland: Think far, far ahead

When cradling your newborn, you and your spouse are not likely to think about whether the baby will need braces or eyeglasses further along. Admittedly, dreaming about having children doesn't often focus on the costs of raising them well into adulthood. When divorce intervenes, a Maryland couple may find that child support and all its associated expenses will leap to the forefront and stay there.

Seeking child support from a member of the military

When marriages end, it is often a difficult situation for all those involved. One of the most contentious areas of family law is child support. In cases where one of the spouses is a member of the military, the military cannot directly force a service member to pay child support. Ex-spouses of soldiers are required to secure court orders for this to happen. Custodial parents in Maryland may also need a child support decree in order to receive financial assistance.

Child support modifications due to changes in circumstances

Most parents want what is best for their children. Parents try to provide their children with the proper home environment and essentials that will gear them toward proper development. Custodial and noncustodial parents in Maryland may need modifications to child support due to changes in life circumstances.

Requesting back and retroactive child support payments

For Maryland families facing divorce, child support is often a touchy, yet necessary issue to resolve. The hardest part is determining which parent will maintain custody while the other is ordered to pay child support. While child support is ordered by the court, parents should be aware of any other alternative child support arrangements.

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