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The legal limit doesn't protect you from a DUI

When considering alcohol consumption and driving, everyone knows that the legal limit is 0.08%. If you meet or break that Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC), then you have broken the law. You can get arrested and face DUI charges.

That's true, but that knowledge has spawned a curious DUI myth, which is that staying under the legal limit is all that you need to do to avoid a DUI, as if that limit protects you from charges. People think that their target goal is 0.07%, assuming they can't get arrested, even if they do get pulled over.

That is not how it works. You can get a DUI even when you are under the legal limit, and it happens to people every year.

For one thing, you have different rules if you are under 21. Since you are not legally allowed to drink at all, even lower BAC totals -- like 0.02% -- can lead to DUI charges. This means that almost any amount of drinking before driving can get you a DUI on the grounds that you should not have consumed anything under any circumstances.

Plus, even for drivers who are over 21, a police officer might see noticeable impairment. If so, he or she can still make an arrest. Your BAC isn't the only thing that leads to a DUI. Impairment does, and they could argue that you are impaired even well below that legal limit.

It's important not to buy into these DUI myths so that you don't make a crucial mistake. If you get arrested, you also need to know your legal rights.

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