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American states vary widely concerning their drug-linked laws.

That has been widely evidenced in recent years by their statutory responses to marijuana possession, cultivation and use. Some states – e.g., Colorado, Washington and California – have been early converts of legalized recreational pot use, with other states progressively joining their liberalized schemes. Scores of states have already legalized medical marijuana or are legislatively moving in that direction.

Maryland is a mixed bag. Although authorities have loosened some penalties concerning marijuana in recent years, the state can hardly be considered as a bastion of drug-use freedom.

In fact, it remains comparatively strict, a fact we duly stress on our website at the established Baltimore area Law Office of Marla Zide, LLC. We note on a site page addressing diligent criminal defense against Maryland drug charges that, “Marijuana arrests should not be taken lightly.”

Consider this: The possession of even a token amount of pot can be termed a misdemeanor offense. Persons who might understandably regard that as being trivial in nature should note that a criminal charge for even such a seemingly minor matter can still yield a significant fine. Far worse, it can bring a lengthy jail term.

Of course, alleged criminal behavior deemed a felony – for example, possession of a controlled dangerous substance like heroin, trafficking or large-scale cultivation – can bring far stiffer penalties.

Proven criminal defense attorneys closely probe every aspect surrounding drug charges brought against a client. We stress that “there are many factors that must be considered before you can be convicted of a drug crime.”

Experienced advocates routinely work hard to find weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. The focused goal in every drug-defense representation is to secure a best-case outcome for an accused individual, whether that be a dismissal or reduction of charges.

Questions concerning any aspect of a drug-linked arrest or criminal charge can be directed to a seasoned legal defense team.

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