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Can you share your car if you have an ignition interlock device?

If you've been ordered to have an ignition interlock device (IID) installed in your car, you're not alone. Here in Maryland, Noah's Law mandates an IID for anyone convicted of a DUI or DWI offense.

There's no question that IIDs have stopped people from driving drunk and have saved lives. However, they can be an inconvenience for those who are required to use them -- and for other drivers who use their vehicle. So, what happens if you're required to have an IID, but your spouse and/or teens also use that car? Maybe you share it with a roommate, or your nanny uses it to drive the kids to and from school or activities.

The good news is that people besides the driver who requires the IID can drive a car with this device. However, they'll need to blow into it to start the car and perhaps at random intervals while they're driving.

If you're required to use an IID and others will be using your vehicle, it's essential to make sure they know how to use it. More importantly, you need to be sure that no one attempts to drive your car when they have any alcohol in their system.

You are the one who's responsible for the breath samples collected by the IID, whether you were the one driving or not. If someone blows into the device with alcohol on their breath, that could impact your record and complicate your ability to get the device removed after the designated period.

If you need to share your vehicle with others, it's wise to keep a record of who drove it and precisely when. If there is a problem, that can help you determine who was behind the wheel at the time.

It's essential to understand and follow all of the rules that come with an IID to avoid further legal problems. If you have questions or concerns, talk with an experienced DUI attorney.

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