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Maryland child custody rulings can be modified

If two Maryland parents battle it out in court over who should have full custody of their children, the court will hand down an ultimate ruling at some point. When this happens, both parents are bound to adhere to the terms of the ruling, although in some situations one or the other may decide to appeal. There are also situations where a parent may lose child custody, then file a new petition down the line to try to regain it.  

That's what Southern Charm reality TV star Kathryn Dennis is doing. The mother of two children reportedly failed a drug test in 2016. This prompted the court to remove her children from her custody.  

Dennis has since passed several drug tests and has it made it known that she wishes to regain full custody of her kids. She currently pays $100 per month in child support to the children's father who has had custody of the girls since 2016. Dennis says she plans to seek child support from her children's dad as part of her custody arrangement.  

Dennis also mentioned that her daughters' father is currently facing allegations of sexual misconduct and hopes that evidence of that helps convince the court to rule in her favor. Judges in Maryland, as in all other states, make their child custody decisions based on state guidelines and what they believe is best for the children involved. If a parent wishes to pursue litigation regarding custody matters, he or she may seek legal representation before heading to court.

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