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Child support in Maryland: Think far, far ahead

When cradling your newborn, you and your spouse are not likely to think about whether the baby will need braces or eyeglasses further along. Admittedly, dreaming about having children doesn't often focus on the costs of raising them well into adulthood. When divorce intervenes, a Maryland couple may find that child support and all its associated expenses will leap to the forefront and stay there.

The particular circumstances of each divorcing couple will present a wide range of scenarios, depending on the age and needs of the child at the time of divorce. Since children have that uncanny gift of growing like weeds, their needs will evolve and the related expenses will increase accordingly. Moreover, changes in parental lifestyles, incomes, as well as relocation, remarriage or unexpected health issues, will all affect both the payor and recipient of child support payments.

Most certainly, as family law courts recognize, it is the child who will feel the impact most. Judges study each application to alter, reduce or increase child support payments with great care. In cases which involve large amounts or famous or wealthy parents, requests for changes to child support payments are viewed through a fine lens.

Not all cases need be conflictive or as dramatic as some in the news. Assisting a divorced parent to find a fair and forward path throughout a child's upbringing is a role best served by a Maryland family law lawyer. Whether payor or recipient of child support payments, a parent's concerns about the continuing well-being of his or her child can be addressed as the need for changes arises.

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