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Latest child custody trend featured in Hollywood sitcom

Maryland couples considering a separation are likely thinking about their living arrangements post-divorce. When children are involved, couples will strive to come to an agreement for the best living situation for their children. The latest child custody trend is getting Hollywood's attention as a new sitcom recently made its debut based on the idea of "bird nesting." The concept is getting attention as families are deciding to forgo the traditional arrangement of moving children between two homes. Instead, exes are choosing to share one home, taking turns caring for the children and the home.

Though unconventional, the idea has its positive aspects. It may prove to be financially beneficial as the home's value may increase over time or if it avoids breaking a lease too early. It also allows time for the couple to untangle their relationship and assets as their marriage ends. However, the most attractive benefit for most couples is that this method provides stability for their children as their family dynamic changes.

Bird nesting also has its negatives. This arrangement may cause more contention between couples during a divorce if they are not in harmony in several areas. The concept may also not be equally beneficial to one or the other parent, as the second living arrangement may not be financially reasonable. This situation works best for parents who can sustain one central home and have separate living quarters when not in the home.

Maryland couples considering a divorce should be wary of taking advice from a comedy show. For those needing to work through a child custody arrangement, it is in the best interest of him or her to seek the counsel of a knowledgeable attorney. An attorney will help seek an arrangement for the benefit of the children and their client.

Source: CNBC, "This hot Hollywood divorce trend may not be for you", Lorie Konish, April 16, 2018

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