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Couple facing pet care dispute after high asset divorce

When a Maryland couple decides to divorce, part of that process involves determining the structure of their financial obligations to one another. That might include matters of child support, alimony or other ongoing payments from one party to the other. In some cases, payments may be tied to the care of a pet, which can lead to a great deal of contention down the road. An example is found in a couple who may be headed back to court to argue the details of their high asset divorce settlement.

The center of the matter lies in the financial support for the couple's beloved English bulldog, named Lola. In the divorce agreement, the wife agreed to provide Lola's daily care. The husband agreed to pay the wife $200 per month to assist with that care, in addition to paying for all feeding costs and half of any veterinary care that Lola might need.

Now, six years later, Lola's caregiver claims that her former husband has not met those obligations. She has filed a lawsuit, and asserts that she has paid $12,000 for the dog's upkeep, in addition to $18,000 for food and more than $2,000 for health care. It is unclear what period of time those expenses cover, or if the husband has made any of the agreed-upon payments since their separation.

If the matter goes before a court of law, a judge could decide how much money the former husband will have to pay. In addition to the pet care costs, the wife claims that he also owes her approximately $100,000 in other settlement matters. For Maryland spouses who have faced their own struggles in obtaining compliance with a high asset divorce settlement, heading to court may be the best way to see results.

Source:, "Man owes Manhattan ex-wife $32,000 in dog alimony after financially abandoning pooch: lawsuit", Chelsia Rose Marcius, Aug. 25, 2017

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