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Research could help spouses feel better about divorce, alimony

For many Maryland spouses, living in an unhappy marriage has defined the past few years of their lives. It can be difficult to know when enough is enough, and when the best route to happiness lies in filing for divorce. Recent research suggests that divorce is now more socially acceptable than ever before. That could make it easier for spouses to reach a decision about filing for divorce and seeking alimony and/or child support.

According to researchers, more Americans find divorce "morally acceptable" than ever before. Those behind the study used data collected by Gallup's Values and Beliefs poll from 2017. The results show that while divorce has been accepted for many years now, 73 percent of this year's respondents feel that divorce is "morally acceptable." Some researchers believe that divorce has become less stigmatizing over the decades as people have come to understand more about the legal aspects of divorce. As with so many things, being able to understand the process makes something more familiar, and therefore easier to trust or accept.

When it comes to moving forward with a divorce, there are few things more important than securing one's financial future. That is partially accomplished by the property division process, but alimony and child support also play critical roles in achieving financial security. Having a clear idea of where one's finances will lie after a divorce is the best way to make wise decisions during the divorce process.

For those in Maryland who are uncertain about their alimony prospects, it can be helpful to speak with a family law attorney to discuss the particular details of one's case. It is possible to determine the approximate amounts of both child support and alimony. Having those figures in place can make it far easier to negotiate the division of marital wealth, since it will be clear how much money each spouse will have once the divorce is made final.

Source:, "U.S. Divorce Rate Dips, but Moral Acceptability Hits New High", Andrew Dugan, July 7, 2017

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