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Good parenting could improve child custody outcomes

When it comes to a custody fight, Maryland parents are often inundated with unsolicited advice. Very often, those pieces of advice are simply too little, too late. The actions that parents take throughout the lives of their children are usually more important in a child custody case than anything that is said or done once the paperwork is filed. In many ways, the advice that can have the greatest impact during a divorce applies to the way that a parent behaves throughout the marriage.

Fortunately, the same actions that can bolster one's child custody rights are also the hallmarks of good parenting. For example, a parent will have a better shot at receiving substantial custody time if he or she was involved in the daily life of his or her child. Being a present and engaged parent is a great way to raise happy and healthy kids. It is also a good position to find oneself in if a divorce becomes a reality.

Another way that parents can strengthen their custody position is by staying on top of any emotional or behavioral changes that their children go through. There are certainly ups and downs during a child's life, especially during adolescence. However, when a child suddenly pulls back from one parent or begins to display a strong preference for one over the other, there is a possibility that parental alienation is taking place. In some cases, an unhappy spouse will begin a campaign of parental alienation years prior to actually filing for divorce.

For those in Maryland who are concerned about how they might fare in a child custody battle, the best way to proceed is by making an effort to be a great parent. A history of solid parenting will ensure a fair division of parenting time and responsibilities if a divorce is in the cards. While it is never possible to prepare for every contingency, parents can place themselves in a solid position to come out of a child custody proceeding with the ability to remain closely connected to their kids.

Source: goodmenproject.com, "A Divorce Lawyer's Top Five Marriage Tips For Fathers", B. Robert Farzad, June 28, 2017

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