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Father seeks more child custody rights to help daughter

Some Maryland residents are aware of a viral video in which a young teenage girl speaks very disrespectfully. The clip, which comes from a recent episode of Dr. Phil, has been turned into memes and otherwise spread across the Internet. The 13-year-old girl featured in the video has obtained a degree of fame from the appearance, and her father is displeased. He is now asking a court to grant him a child custody modification to try and gain control over his daughter.

According to the girl's father, her mother has encouraged her to behave inappropriately. He also asserts that the mother is knowingly exploiting the child for financial gain. He says that his daughter has stolen cars, stolen her mother's credit card and dropped out of school.

The girl has received a significant amount of attention after she appeared on the talk show. She has traveled to Los Angeles multiple times and has appeared on other television programming. It is unclear if she and her mother intend to parlay her Dr. Phil appearance into some sort of entertainment career or are simply taking advantage of her 15 minutes of fame. What is clear is the fact that the girl's father is unwilling to watch his daughter behave in such a manner.

The father is asking the court to grant him a greater share of decision-making responsibility. Currently, the mother has custody of the girl, and the father has visitation. If the court determines that the child is being exploited or that her current living arrangement is unhealthy, then the father could gain physical custody of his daughter. Child custody cases are never easy or simple, and many Maryland parents can sympathize with this father's dismay over the road that his daughter has taken.

Source:, "Cash me outside: Teen's father files lawsuit to gain more rights", Liz Balmaseda, March 10, 2017

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