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March 2017 Archives

Kids: tips to cope with your parents’ divorce

There are a lot of tips out there for parents on how to help their child cope with divorce. But what about tips for children of parents that are divorcing? Your parents may divorce at any age, which means you may be faced with their split when you are 14 or even when you are 40.

Property division: Deciding whether to stay or to go?

Addressing the family home is one of the top priorities for many Maryland couples who are going through a divorce. This is a property division matter in which there is no clear "right" or "wrong" path. Even when selling the home is clearly the best possible financial move, there are cases where one spouse will feel strongly that staying put is the best way to go. What is most important is that no spouse reaches a decision about the family home without being fully informed of all of the pros and cons associated with each option.

Consider the timing of divorce and child custody matters

Embarking on a divorce is a time of significant uncertainty, especially for Maryland spouses who share children. Parents want to make this process as easy as possible on their kids, and will go to great lengths to structure divorce and child custody around the needs of their children. One thing that is often overlooked, however, is timing. Choosing when to initiate a divorce is important, and finding the best possible timing can have a significant impact on how children will weather the change in their family structure.

Father seeks more child custody rights to help daughter

Some Maryland residents are aware of a viral video in which a young teenage girl speaks very disrespectfully. The clip, which comes from a recent episode of Dr. Phil, has been turned into memes and otherwise spread across the Internet. The 13-year-old girl featured in the video has obtained a degree of fame from the appearance, and her father is displeased. He is now asking a court to grant him a child custody modification to try and gain control over his daughter.

Child custody battle looms for parents of deceased toddler

A highly controversial case is currently receiving widespread media attention, in Maryland and across the nation. The case centers on a couple's 2-year-old daughter who died of pneumonia, and the choices made by her parents that may have contributed to that death. The matter involves a harsh conflict between parental rights and the obligations of the state to protect the best interests of the child. A child custody battle over the couple's surviving six children could be on the horizon.

Child custody case focuses on adoption procedures

A highly emotional and complicated custody battle is playing out in one southern state, and many Maryland readers are closely following the story. An adoptive family is fighting to keep their daughter, while her biological father is struggling to regain custody of the little girl. The case is anything but simple, and has led to debate across the nation on matters of child custody and adoption.

How Bitcoin could impact property division process

Few Maryland residents are aware of the technological advancement associated with cryptocurrencies. This field focuses on providing clients with the ability to conduct financial transactions with anonymity. Unfortunately, some spouses who are facing a divorce will try and use Bitcoin and similar platforms to attempt to shield assets from the property division process.

New study supports child custody rights of fathers

Recent research could have a significant impact on custody cases in Maryland and across the nation in which fathers seek more time with their very young children. The research looked at data collected from young people whose parents ended their relationship before the children were 3 years old. The results suggest that dads who keep their children for overnight visits while they are very young have a stronger bond than those who did not have overnight visits with their fathers as part of their child custody agreement.

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