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Mother in fight for child custody over medicinal marijuana use

A mother is currently fighting for the return of her daughter after authorities removed the child from her care. The matter came about because the mother gave the child a homemade concoction that included marijuana in an effort to soothe the child's symptoms of a seizure. The matter has caused a great deal of outrage within the community, with people deeply divided over how the child custody case should be handled. For parents in Maryland and elsewhere who are advocates of medical marijuana, this case serves as a warning of the potential consequences.

The daughter, who is three years old, has been receiving medication for a medical condition. The prescription medication that she was placed on resulted in seizure-like symptoms, hallucinations and vomiting. The mother made the girl a smoothie containing butter that was infused with marijuana in an effort to relieve those symptoms. The mother claims that the treatment was effective.

However, when she took the child to a physician later that day, a drug screen revealed the presence of marijuana in the child's system. That prompted a call to the authorities and the removal of the girl from her mother's care. Her other child was also removed, and both were placed in the care of their father. The mother is able to have supervised visitation with both kids as the matter moves forward in court.

In addition to her child custody case, the woman also faces criminal charges of injury to a child. Many people who have learned of the case feel strongly that the mother did nothing to harm her child, and they point out that there are ongoing studies in the use of medical marijuana for similar applications. However, there is no such allowance made in the family's state of residence, which could lead to an uphill custody fight for this mother. For those in Maryland who are considering any type of marijuana use, it is important to understand the potential ramifications.

Source:, "Mom who gave pot butter to daughter still denied custody, judge rules", Alex Riggins, Dec. 23, 2016

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