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December 2016 Archives

Father could have lost child custody and adoption battle

An unusual case has led to awareness of a fathers' rights issue that is often overlooked by Maryland residents. A young man fought hard for the right to raise his daughter after the child's mother placed her for adoption. He is now sharing his story in the hopes of helping other men understand the steps that must be taken to secure child custody rights. 

Utilizing the pediatrician during divorce and child custody

Many Maryland parents have gone to great lengths to establish and nurture a close connection with their children. Open communication is essential to good parenting and is something on which many parents pride themselves. Those same parents are often distressed to find that during divorce and child custody issues, their children are often unwilling to discuss those matters in depth. 

Millennials increasingly choosing prenuptial agreements

Younger generations seem to have different ideas about marriage and divorce than their parents or grandparents. A recent survey completed by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers suggests that more millennials are choosing to create prenuptial agreements prior to tying the knot. That could help the current generation avoid many divorce pitfalls that older Maryland residents have experienced.