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Friends in need in divorce

Friends A and B got together and talked about things. One of the things they discussed was Friend C's divorce and co-parenting agreement forged with her former husband. Friend B confided to Friend A, "I would never be able to do that." B said she could never give up her daughter for half of the time and she didn't think any good mother could.

Friend A then reminded B that, as a matter of fact, A had also divorced, also had a child and also was co-parenting with her ex. Ouch. Sometimes people leap and speak without looking or thinking first.

Many parents find themselves in loveless marriages. They are not necessarily married to a bad person, but rather to the wrong person. Divorce allows them to retry their hand at love.

Many parents fear scarring their children for life with a divorce. Experts agree that kids should never be dragged into the middle of the anger, frustration and resentment that can permeate a divorce; instead, urging parents to discuss their differences in private.

And when divorce happens, work with your former spouse to keep your children's lives stable. Don't put them in the middle, and don't ask them to give up mom or dad because you are unhappy with your former spouse.

Friend A is an advertising executive who is also documenting her post-divorce life. She says co-parenting involves difficult choices, but ones worth making for the sake of her son.

"Successful co-parenting requires a diligent and dedicated commitment from both parents," she writes. She notes as well that she and her ex agreed to put their anger aside when around their child because they knew he was watching carefully. They did not want him to learn the wrong lessons about how to handle disappointment and anger.

Divorcing parents turn to friends and family for the emotional support they need during divorce, but do well by their children to remember always that their kids turn to them for emotional support and stability.

You can speak with a Glen Burnie family law attorney about how best to protect your children in divorce.

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