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Advice for divorcing parents

The legal system can be infused with emotions when parents end their marriage. The spouses and their children can all experience anger, resentment, frustration and more throughout the divorce process.

Research shows that divorcing parents who find effective ways to share parenting help create better emotional, behavioral and health outcomes for their children, a recent news media article points out. All by itself, that fact supplies motivation to parents to work together with their family law attorneys to craft workable child custody agreements.

The article ran in a newspaper published about 150 miles southwest of Glen Burnie. The writer is a director of a community mental health service in Charlottesville, Virginia.

She urges readers to remember that "anger and resentment towards a divorcing spouse is normal," but cautions that it can be traumatic for children to see the parents who they love at war with each other. She urges parents to deal with their anger with each other when the kids are not present.

She also urges parents to not give in to the temptation to extract information about the other from their children. Your kids are smart and will instantly know what you are up to and realize as well that they are being put in between their parents, she writes.

Children love both parents and depend on them for stability. So don't fall into the game of competing with the other parent to see who can buy the most presents, throw the biggest birthday bash, etc.

Getting through a divorce can be a difficult process. An experienced Glen Burnie family law attorney can help protect you, your rights and your children in a trying time.

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