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September 2016 Archives

Options extend beyond traditional prenuptial agreements

For many in Maryland, marriage is not something that is a high priority. Some people feel that there is little to be gained from tying the knot, and are satisfied by simply living with their significant other and building a life together outside of marriage. For others, living together is something of a "trial run" for marriage, and a step along their journey. When couples cohabitate, they do not share the same legal protections offered to married couples in terms of prenuptial agreements or property division. That can lead to trouble in the event that the relationship ends and the parties cannot come to terms on how to divide their shared assets.

Friends in need in divorce

Friends A and B got together and talked about things. One of the things they discussed was Friend C's divorce and co-parenting agreement forged with her former husband. Friend B confided to Friend A, "I would never be able to do that." B said she could never give up her daughter for half of the time and she didn't think any good mother could.