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Set the parenting schedule quickly when you decide to divorce

Telling your children that you are divorcing is a big event in their life. One thing that you need to be prepared for is the questions that are bound to come up. You and your ex may need to make a parenting plan before you tell the kids because a good number of these questions are going to have to do with how they are going to spend time with both parents. We know that these questions won't be easy to answer, but taking the time to make a plan can help you to put the kids' feelings at ease.

Setting up a basic parenting schedule can help you to give the children a plan. One word of caution – don't make promises about anything that you can't keep. There are times when things will change so it is a good idea to warn children that your plans aren't set in stone. You have to be careful with what you tell the children if they are younger because they might take generalizations to heart.

How can a peace and protective order help you?

You were never expecting to have to call the police on your partner. You were together for years without a problem, but lately, things have been strained. They were fired from work, and they have been drinking more than usual. Now, they've begun to lash out.

The first time they struck you, you let it go. After all, they were intoxicated and were sorry for it. Now, you've gotten fed up, so you called the police to protect yourself. Your partner shouted that they'd kill you. Now, you need a protective order.

Baltimore pharmacist sentenced for multiple drug charges

A significant portion of America's drug problem has nothing to do with illegal or "street" drugs. Many people who suffer crippling and even fatal addictions were prescribed their drugs -- at least initially.

That's why law enforcement agencies have cracked down on physicians and pharmacists whom they believe are recklessly and illegally prescribing or dispensing powerful, addictive drugs to patients. A Baltimore pharmacist is paying a big price for her actions.

Amicable divorces are becoming increasingly popular

Divorce doesn't have to be contentious. Increasingly, couples who decide to end their marriage try to do so in a way that lets them part amicably. That can save time, money and stress.

An amicable divorce is particularly important if you have children. You'll be in each other's lives forever. It's also beneficial for your kids to see that their parents can still be civil to one another and take care of them even if they can no longer be together as a couple.

How do you know if your ex is a toxic parent?

When couples with kids divorce and begin to parent across two households, their individual parenting styles often emerge. When they were together, one parent may have simply gone along with what the other parent did, so that spouse's parenting style was the one the kids got used to.

Some divorced spouses are better equipped to parent than others. You may feel that your co-parent is doing or saying things that are emotionally -- or even physically -- harmful to your kids. However, are you being overly critical because you have a good deal of animosity toward this person or are your concerns justified?

Custodial parents' responsibilities when a co-parent returns

Sometimes, following divorce, one parent may be largely absent from their children's lives. Often this is because they're living far from the kids and the custodial parent. Maybe they're even overseas while serving in the military. Unfortunately, some parents have little or no contact with their kids because they're incarcerated or in an in-patient recovery or mental health facility.

When these absent parents are able to once again re-enter their children's lives, the transition can be challenging for both the kids and the parents. The custodial parent can play a crucial role in helping their kids reunite with their other parent.

Three factors divorcing parents should understand about custody

As a parent facing divorce, one of your biggest concerns may be about child custody. Your children are important to you, and it can seem absurd that you could be told that you can only see them on a schedule. However, there are three factors about child custody that can be helpful for you to understand if you are to reach the best possible child custody outcome.

Child custody is made up of two parts

Some marital exemptions to rape still exist in Maryland

Back in the 17th century, an English jurist espoused the legal theory that there was no such thing as rape within a marriage because by entering into marriage, a woman's consent to sex with her husband was implied.

It took a few centuries, but that theory is no longer widely accepted. Although marital rape was officially considered a crime in every state by the early 1990s, however, there are still loopholes.

Parents can help keep their teens from trying alcohol, drugs

Your teen is likely looking forward to the freedom and fun that summer vacation brings. However, you're probably a little concerned about what kind of trouble they might get into -- particularly involving drinking and drug use. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, more teens first drink alcohol and use drugs in June or July than in any other months of the year.

While you can't monitor your teen at all times this summer, you can watch for signs that they may be consuming alcohol and/or drugs. Many of these signs are more subtle than the smell of alcohol or pot on their breath or their clothes. They include:

  • Changes in the kids they spend time with, the places they're going or their activities
  • More frequent or more serious outbursts or mood swings
  • Changes in eating or sleeping habits
  • Frequently not feeling well
  • Being unusually distracted or "out of it" during conversations
  • Increased secrecy
  • Not fulfilling commitments

Some types of parental conflict are more harmful than others

If you and your spouse are divorcing, your children have likely already witnessed some parental conflict in your home. Now that you're co-parenting across two homes, you're probably more cognizant of the impact of parental conflict on your kids. You've heard about the negative impacts on kids' lives, well into adulthood.

No matter how hard you try, you probably can't completely avoid having some kind of disagreement in front of your kids. However, the way in which you handle it can make a big difference in how it affects your children.

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