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When is it appropriate to get a restraining order?

When family conflicts get out of hand, you may find that you want to stay away from your ex-partner for a certain amount of time. If you have communicated this to them but they have continued to call you, visit your home or even threaten you, you should consider taking action to protect yourself.

Everyone has the right to a certain amount of privacy, and they also have the right to be free from harassment and abuse. If your sense of wellbeing has been affected by actions that your ex-partner or another person is taking, you may be able to get a restraining order so that you can be free from this toxic behavior. The following are some situations where it is appropriate to get a restraining order.

Dispute resolution in child custody can help with difficult exes

When you are going through a child custody matter, you have to put the child's needs first. This doesn't always come easily, especially for those who are dealing with a controlling, manipulative, or narcissistic ex. In these cases, you have to consider how the contentious matters between you and your ex might impact your children.

There are times when you have to consider exactly how important a battle is. It might be beneficial for you to let some of the smaller matters go. This may be something like what time the kids go to bed or whether they can have ice cream for Saturday dinner.

Drug possession: Charges and penalties in Maryland

Possessing drugs in Maryland is a quick way to get into trouble with the law. Although possessing drugs is not usually as serious as selling, transporting or distributing them, it is still a serious crime to be in possession of illicit drugs and controlled substances.

By law, you may not possess or administer controlled substances unless you have a prescription or are authorized to have the substance for a professional practice. It is also illegal to try or to obtain a controlled substance through fraud, using a false name and address, using a counterfeit prescription or through other illegal means.

What are some of the common reasons for divorce?

Divorce tends to be something that most of us want to avoid if possible. When couples enter marriage, they do so with the intention of spending the rest of their lives together. But unfortunately, things can happen along the way that test their relationship and make married couples want to part.

If you are considering filing for divorce, you likely have a combination of reasons for wanting to do so. Some of these unfavorable circumstances may be temporary, and you may be able to work through them. However, some circumstances are often a recipe for divorce. The following are some of the most common situations that lead to divorce in the United States.

Fire marshal charged for DUI in Maryland

Driving while under the influence can be a serious threat to your health, and it can put your job on the line, too. Take for example this fire marshal who has been charged with driving under the influence in Maryland.

The marshal, who is also the deputy chief of Fire Prevention, was stopped in Maryland for caught speeding 83 mph in a 55 mph zone in Queen Anne's County. The court records state that he was so impaired by alcohol that he could not drive safely. The marshal was also charged with reckless driving and for failure to obey traffic control devices.

Learn about your drug charge defense options

Drug charges can have a huge impact on your life, even for ones that are thought of as minor. If you are facing any criminal charge for this type of case, you need to ensure that you are exploring your options for a defense. We understand that this can be a challenge, especially for the individuals who haven't ever been in the criminal justice system before.

One thing that you might be interested in is drug court. Some cases qualify for this program, which combines rehabilitation and learning to live a sober life with the oversight of the court. It is a strict program that must be followed exactly. If you complete it successfully, you will likely have the tools you need to live sober, and you will be able to avoid having the drug charge on your criminal record.

At what age should children decide on their custody plan?

When going through a divorce, you have likely spoken to your child about their future living arrangements, no matter their age. It's possible that even very young children will have questions and communicate preferences about which parent they would like to live with in the future.

This is why many parents have questions about the age children can be when they can make their own decisions about their child custody plan. While children should be able to exercise their own free will, in many cases, adults need to make decisions to make sure that the child has a schedule that is in their best interests.

Rapid action is necessary when you are facing a DUI

Driving while you are impaired by alcohol or any substance can lead to serious legal penalties for you. When this occurs, you will have to go through a criminal court case that can lead to fines, time in jail and other penalties. You might also have to battle an administrative process that can lead to you losing your driver's license. Both of these must be carefully considered so that you have the most comprehensive defense strategy that's possible considering the circumstances of your case.

We understand that you might have some concerns about what's going to happen. It is imperative that you contact us immediately so that we are able to provide you with the help that you need to address these matters. Doing this as quickly as possible can give you the time you need to consider the options.

Get a protective order if you're concerned for your safety

Protective orders can be exactly what you need to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. When you're in danger due to your former or current spouse's actions, threats or the threat of harm to others, you have the right to reach out to the police and your attorney for help.

A protective order normally starts out as a temporary protective order, which remains just long enough for you to have a court hearing. At that time, it can be extended or dropped.

Should I try to keep the marital home in my divorce?

There are many reasons you may want to keep your marital house after your divorce. You may have spent years fixing up your house, building memories there and turning it into a home. You may have raised children in that house, and if your children are still young, you may want them to continue living in that home and attending the same school. Your house may also be one of the biggest assets you and your spouse acquired throughout your marriage.

Having specific goals for your divorce outcome can be beneficial because your goals allow you to focus your energy in a meaningful direction during the divorce process. However, it can also be valuable to take time to make sure keeping your marital home is really the best goal for your situation.

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