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Memories can evoke strong emotions in divorce

The process of divorce can bring out many emotions in you. It is essential for you to know what to expect, so you can address these issues as they come up. You might be surprised how often you feel ups and downs, especially during the first year.

One that might surprise you is the sadness that you feel. You aren't necessarily upset that your marriage is over, but you might grieve what was supposed to be. You may feel like you let yourself down because you are going through a divorce. This is normal, but try to pull yourself up out of the sadness as soon as you can.

DWIs can affect minors: Protect your child's rights

When a child is under 21, they do not have the right to drink alcohol in most circumstances. An offense can lead to trouble with the law and harsh penalties. On top of that, your child's school may place them on suspension or even expel them. If they're in college, the school could stop them from receiving certain scholarships or remove them from some programs that they are involved in.

As a parent, finding out that your child was drinking under the age of 21 may not be surprising . After all, kids make mistakes. However, you know that you have to take steps to minimize the damage. Here's a little more about what you should know.

Tips for co-parenting during Halloween

Halloween is a chance for families to make beautiful memories with their children. It may only be one day of the year, but separated parents can often become involved in disputes regarding who has the right to spend time with their children over the Halloween period. This is why it is always best to plan ahead and practice clear communication.

If you are worried about co-parenting during the Halloween period, the following are some tips and reminders to stand you in good stead.

Domestic violence can affect a divorce: Here's why

When you're in an abusive relationship, you may finally realize that you have to get out and begin the process for a divorce. It might take time for you to do this as you plan how to exit the situation and seek support through protective or peace orders.

Domestic violence does affect millions of American households. It's believed that an average of 20 people are physically abused by their partners each minute in the United States. That works out to around 10 million men and women suffering from abuse every year, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. In around 19% of those cases, the violence involves a weapon.

Officers don't need evidence to stop a suspected drunk driver

It is common knowledge that police officers can't just stop you without a reason. However, many people don't realize just how low the standard is for the police to initiate a traffic stop. The officer only needs to have reasonable suspicion that something illegal is going on in the vehicle.

In the case of suspected drunk driving, the only thing an officer needs to see in order to make a traffic stop are signs that your ability to drive is impaired. This can be something as small as swerving between lanes or driving too slowly.

Are there advantages to seeking a protective order?

A protective order is a type of civil order. It is put into place to tell someone who has abused another person or threatened to do so to stay away from the victim or any member of the victim's household. The protective order prohibits the alleged abuser from contacting the victim or anyone in the victim's household and prevents them from destroying any property belonging to the victim. Additionally, the accused may not enter the victim's home.

Protective orders are important, because they help prevent abusers from being in contact with their victims. These orders can be sought by parents, guardians, adult victims of violence or a representative of a child victim. They can be taken out against any family or household member who harms someone else in a case of domestic violence.

An optimistic outlook can be beneficial in divorce

The divorce journey will undoubtedly invite a wide range of emotions. One part of you will likely be mourning for the happy marriage that you once had, but another part of you may be eager to move toward a new, positive life full of freedom and fresh starts.

You will need to be strong through the entire divorce process because you will need to ride through periods of fear, uncertainty, anger and perhaps even guilt. Having an optimistic outlook is said to help people be resilient throughout the process. The following are some ways to help you feel more positive about your divorce.

Work with your ex to address sibling rivalries

The changes that come with a divorce can make children act in manners they wouldn't usually behave. One thing that can come at this time is sibling rivalry. Even kids who haven't ever gone through this might suddenly start to have these battles when their parents split up. While it is normal for siblings to vie for attention, the uptick in this situation might need to be addressed.

Sibling rivalries tend to peak around 10 to 15 years old. They come with bickering but shouldn't ever involve physical confrontations. In the case of divorce, the causes of the issues might be a bit more serious.

Protect yourself if you're accused of drug crimes

Drug charges can add up quickly. One minute, you may believe that you're facing charges for possession, and the next, you're being told you're accused of trafficking, distributing or even giving away drugs to minors.

In your situation, it's important that you protect yourself by quickly speaking with your attorney. It is easy for the prosecution to keep adding charges, especially when drugs are involved. If you possess more than the small limit for personal use, the charges could move on beyond possession and could turn into charges for distribution or drug trafficking. If you've crossed state lines or were in a school zone, you could face even more serious penalties.

Laws on cocaine in Maryland

Cocaine is a highly addictive drug that is criminalized across the United States. Being found in possession of even the smallest amount of cocaine in Maryland could lead to serious legal consequences. Being found in possession of cocaine could, therefore, seriously damage your career or your prospects to study.

Therefore, it is important to take action to understand the law if you have been found with cocaine in your possession. Ignoring the charges you are facing will only make things worse.

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