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How can I leave a toxic relationship?

Toxic relationships are extremely complex situations. In most cases, the person being emotionally abused is aware of the ways that they are negatively affected by the other person. However, they are often so consumed by the relationship that they are unable to see the situation clearly.

They may blame themselves for the way their partner is behaving toward them. They may also believe that emotions such as anger, jealousy and control are ways of expressing love. This is simply not the case. If you are feeling scared of your partner of their behavior causes you distress, you should take steps to remove yourself from the relationship. The following are steps you can take toward doing this.

The difference between a DUI and a DWI in Maryland

In Maryland, two types of charges are made specifically against drivers who have consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheel. Those suspected of driving while under the influence of alcohol in Maryland can be accused of either driving while impaired (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI).

Being charged with either a DWI or DUI can lead to serious consequences. However, being charged with a DUI is a more severe crime. The following is an overview of the definition of DUI and DWI crimes in Maryland and the difference between the two.

Does cheating mean the end of a marriage?

No relationship is perfect. All couples go through difficult periods, where either they fail to connect on an emotional level, or they have lost touch physically. External events such as the loss of a job or financial stresses can also lead to challenges in a relationship which may lead to one spouse to seek refuge and connection elsewhere.

A surprising number of married couples are unfaithful at some point in the relationship at some level. But since infidelity is such a taboo subject, it is rarely discussed outside of the relationship. If either you or your partner has cheated, you may wonder if this is a sign of the beginning of the end for your marriage. The following are some things you should consider before deciding to divorce.

Red flags that mean you could get divorced

Some people get divorced for very clear reasons that no one could deny. Perhaps they catch a spouse cheating on them, for instance, or perhaps it's an abusive relationship. They know, in a heartbeat, that it's time to get divorced.

For many, though, things happen slowly. It's a bit more subtle. They may not know if they should end the marriage, but they know that something isn't right. Here are a few red flags to watch out for. If you see them in your marriage, it could mean you are destined for divorce.

Facts about child custody in Maryland

If you are going through a child custody dispute, it is important to note that state laws differ considerably when it comes to certain aspects of child custody. In Maryland, the Uniform Child Custody Act was adopted in 1957, which means that it is easier to navigate inter-state child custody disputes.

The following is an overview of key facts that you need to know if you are embarking on a child custody dispute in Maryland.

Reasons to get a protective order

No one should feel forced to stay in a relationship. All people have the freedom to make their own decisions about their life. If you have found yourself in a situation where you often feel scared of what your partner will do or how they will react, you may be a victim of domestic violence.

Domestic violence in any form is unlawful and should never be tolerated. Physical violence does not need to have occurred to successfully get a protective order. The following are the different forms of domestic violence that can occur, and they are all valid reasons to get a protective order.

Is January the best time to file for a divorce?

The holiday period can put a strain on many people's relationships. There is pressure both from an emotional and a financial perspective, and these pressures can take a toll on relationships.

If you have recently been reflecting on your marriage and you are considering filing for a divorce, you may wonder whether doing so in January is the best time to take action. January is nicknamed "divorce month" due to it being the most popular month of the year to get divorced. However, whether it will be the most beneficial time of year for you to proceed with your divorce filing is a different story. The following are some possible benefits of filing for divorce in January.

The consequences of drug possession in Maryland

Being found in the possession of illegal drugs in any part of the country can lead to very serious consequences. However, every state has different laws that dictate how they deal with drug possession regarding different drugs. This is why if you have been accused of possessing a certain drug, you should read about how the law applies to you concerning the type of drug and your physical location at the time.

In Maryland, marijuana has been decriminalized. This means that being found in possession of fewer than 10 grams will lead to being charged with a very minor civil offense. The following is an overview of how the possession of other illegal drugs is dealt with in Maryland.

Only one person needs to want a divorce

To get married, two people have to work together and agree that they want to enter into that union. This is more than just a romantic gesture. Marriage is a legally binding contract between two individuals who previously owed nothing to one another. It must be very clear that they are both signing off on this contract.

This fact has spawned a common divorce myth, which is that two people also have to agree to get divorced. If two people are needed to create that contract, won't it take two people to break it? That's what a lot of couples believe, but it is just a divorce myth.

Some common types of child custody disputes

When going through a divorce or separation, one of the most difficult parts is accepting that your children will never again have parents who are together. While you may feel guilt or anger when thinking about this, it is important that you come to a place of acceptance. From there, you will be able to move forward in a positive way and do what is truly best for your children.

When putting a child custody arrangement in place for your children, you may not agree with everything your ex wants. This is a common scenario, but you should work hard to reach an agreement so that your children are not negatively affected. The following are some common custody disputes that you should try to resolve efficiently.

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