Marla Zide

I was going though a high-conflict custody battle with my ex, and I was very disappointed with my attorney. Finally, I decided to change attorneys in the midst of the litigation and I am glad I did!

Marla, my new attorney, completely changed the strategy. We worked as a team and the whole process became less stressful. Always gave a realistic advice and, most importantly, she was ready to fight and protect my kids' interests. I was very pleased with the results.

Ella B.

Marla Zide came highly recommended to me as I was researching family law attorneys to represent me during a highly contested custody battle over my young child. My divorce case ended up going 12 months to a three-day merits trial where not only did we win, but what I was awarded went far beyond my own expectations; Marla Zide had a strategy and never deviated from it for 12 months; for that, I will forever be grateful. Marla Zide truly cares, is efficient, experienced and will always do what is best for her client.

Pete V.

Marla was extremely responsive, diligent and professional throughout our legal experience. She offered strong and ethical guidance and honest advice, looking at our situation thoroughly and specifically. She (and her team) made a challenging, emotional litigious experience far easier to understand and navigate. Though no promises were made, Marla's approach was strategic, and our settlement was fair/reasonable. The outcome surpassed our expectations. We were grateful to be in such good hands every step of the process. Our time and money was well spent.


Marla helped review my marriage separation agreement, and provided consultation on what it meant, what should be changed, and gave me assurances to what rights of mine were protected. She also explained Maryland divorce law to me, and what the process was. She was professional, and quickly jumped in and gave me exactly what I needed. Would definitely recommend.

Divorce Client

I have had to use Marla a few times over the past few years. The first time was for an emergency hearing where I was the defendant. My attorney was not able to represent me because of the expedited hearing. Marla was quick to respond. She took the time to meet with me, answered all of my questions and asked the pertinent ones. Her retainer was fair and reasonable, and she made some payment arrangements with me going forward. This hearing turned into a "change of circumstance" hearing, which is what she predicted. She represented me professionally and we did not settle until it was equitable.

Marla is still representing me today but on another matter. She has a very good rapport with her colleagues and the judges, which I think is very helpful. She is able to talk to me in terms I understand and lay out all of the possible scenarios. She was able to settle me when I needed, and completely understood how such circumstances could rock someone's perception. She ultimately left the decisions in my hands. However, with her guidance, I felt as if the choices I made were educated instead of from emotion. She made herself available by email, phone and in person. Her rates are fair and she is an outstanding attorney. She really knows how to read people. She takes great notes and has an amazing memory. She is on point in the courtroom, she really thinks out of the box. She is a pro at witness preparation, speaking for myself as well as my witnesses. We all knew what to expect and we were prepared for our nerve-wracking cross-examination as well. Marla has worked very hard on behalf of my family the last few years. I have the utmost respect for her and her abilities, and refer her every time I get the chance.