Helping You Move Forward From The Legal Challenges You Face

Legal challenges can be complex and stressful to navigate on your own. Whether you are going through a separation or divorce, custody dispute, managing a significant amount of debt or facing charges after a criminal arrest, such issues can affect nearly every aspect of your life.

At the Law Office of Marla Zide, LLC, we assist individuals and families across Maryland to confront and resolve family law, bankruptcy and criminal legal matters. We understand the unique obstacles you face and aim to uncover a workable solution for you and your family.

You can rely on our compassionate and dedicated guidance to address and ultimately accomplish your objectives. By taking the time to learn the unique aspects of your case, we develop a personalized legal strategy that meets your needs and goals.

Nearly Five Decades Of Combined Experience

Our firm comprises a team of seasoned negotiators and litigators that aggressively both pursues and protects the best interests of our clients. With nearly 50 years of combined experience, you will receive the knowledgeable legal guidance necessary to resolve and move forward from your legal matter.

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