Protective And Peace Orders

At the Law Office of Marla Zide, LLC, our family law attorney understands the stress and hardships facing spouses who suffer in an unsafe marriage or relationship. Furthermore, children may suffer the physical and emotional consequences of an unstable or unreliable parent.

By pursuing a protective or peace order from the courts, you and your family can benefit from the legal protections and sense of security they provide. Speak with our family law lawyer to learn more regarding how you and your family stand to benefit from a protective or peace order.

Ensuring Safety For You And Your Family

Although the details and applicability of peace and protective orders may vary with case and circumstance, our experienced family law attorney can help you determine the right course of action.

Below are a few specifics regarding protective and peace orders in Maryland:

  • There are various types of peace orders — interim, temporary and final
  • A protective order may last for one year in Maryland
  • As a victim of abuse, you may wish to pursue a protective or peace order to better protect yourself from harassment, stalking, intimidation, or other physical and emotional harm

Our Glen Burnie Attorney Is Your First Line Of Defense

If you or your children are reeling from the abuses of your spouse or partner, taking legal action can offer you solace and protection. Do not wait; contact the Law Office of Marla Zide, LLC, to begin the process of filing a protective or peace order. Call our office in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, today: 443-557-4153.