Child Support And Spousal Support

As a parent, you want what's best for your children. During a divorce, it can be difficult to keep things in perspective when dividing your assets, negotiating visitation schedules and trying to build a new life apart from your former spouse. At the Law Office of Marla Zide, our Glen Burnie child support attorney helps you keep things in perspective when determining matters of child and spousal support.

Understanding Support Agreements In Glen Burnie And Anne Arundel County

If you can negotiate with your spouse to structure child support and spousal support agreements without involving the courts, you stand to benefit by saving time, money and a lot of stress. Many factors will be considered in the process such as the length of the marriage, children and behavioral factors like adultery.

Attorney Marla Zide can explain the myriad options available to you and help you and your spouse work together to draft an agreement that works for all involved.

  • Spousal support (alimony): After a divorce, you may be required to pay support to your former spouse. Or in the alternative, you may be entitled to support. There are factors the court considers when making an award of alimony. Speaking with an attorney can help you determine the best course of action when negotiating a support agreement.
  • Child support: Your children need the support of their parents. If you are required to pay monetary support, you can negotiate with your spouse to structure an agreement that is agreeable to you and benefits your children.

Every divorce and support agreement is unique to the individuals involved. Contact the Law Office of Marla Zide to learn your options by calling toll free: 800-584-1215.

An Attorney Who Helps Keep Your Eye On The Prize

For many divorcing couples, bitterness and animosity can delay the divorce process. With practical legal counsel from our Glen Burnie lawyer at your side, you will stay focused and work efficiently toward a resolution.

From explaining Maryland's divorce laws, to drafting workable child and spousal support agreements, the Law Office of Marla Zide is a firm that blends strength and compassion into legal representation that achieves results.

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